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Tongue- and Lip-Tie Evaluation and Treatment Provided by Dr. K in Palmer, AK

Member: Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences (AAMS),

and International Affiliation of Tongue-tie Professionals (IATP)

Having a tongue-tie or an upper lip-tie is a common problem (and too often missed or discounted as an issue by healthcare professionals), but one that can cause frustrating issues for both infants and mothers during nursing. Even adolescent patients who don’t have tongue- or lip-ties released at a young age can encounter issues later, such as with speech development. At Dr. K’s Pediatric Dentistry in Palmer, we offer expert frenulum tissue evaluations and treatment (frenotomies) to ensure that babies are able to nurse properly, children do not experience issues with speech, and teenagers trying to close the gap between their upper front teeth. The procedure is really quite safe, simple, painless, quick, and well-tolerated by patients. We work closely with lactation specialists, midwives, nurse practitioners, pediatricians, and speech therapists throughout the Mat-Su Valley.

Upper and Lower Frenotomies with Dr. K

Children can be born with a pronounced tongue- and lip-ties where movement and normal function of the tongue and upper lip is restricted. In general, there are three life stages where untreated tongue- and lip-ties can be problematic:

Infants - Comfortable, pleasant, and effective nursing is critical for all-important mother-baby bonding and health. Frenulum problems at this age can mean babies are unable to latch properly or create suction to nurse successfully. This issue can be frustrating, painful, disappointing, and unhealthful for both mom and baby. A simple treatment changes all that immediately!

Children - For kids with tongue- and lip-ties, proper sounds and pronunciation can be problematic (which are often discovered by a speech pathologist in preschool, kindergarten, or first grade). Releasing the tissue that holds back the tongue allows children to speak without struggling to put their tongue in the proper place to sound out certain words.

Teenagers - Pronounced upper frenulum tissue can cause a gap between the middle front teeth.
Orthodontics can close that space, while frenulum treatment can help prevent it from recurring.

Our Palmer pediatric dentist is happy to see referral patients for frenulum evaluations and treatment, whether sent to our office from lactation specialists, midwives, nurse practitioners, speech therapists, or family and friends, we welcome you and your child and are ready to help.

What Happens During Frenulum Treatment?

Frenotomies are a safe, simple, painless, quick, and well-tolerated procedure whereby a minimal incision (by surgical scissors or diode laser) creates the release of the tie that previously held back the tongue or upper lip. In many cases, only a topical gel anesthetic is necessary to ensure that your child is comfortable during the procedure.

In the event that your child is of nursing age, Dr. K recommends nursing immediately after treatment to provide the child with access to natural antibiotics and comfort. As a member of Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences and the International Affiliation of Tongue-tie Professionals, Dr. K is equipped to expertly treat your child, with gentle care, to remove the challenges created by tongue- and lip-ties. 

Learn more about Frenotomies in Palmer

For more information about frenulum treatment, contact Dr. K’s Pediatric Dentistry to speak to a member of our team. We make it our goal to ensure that you and your child have access to understanding, caring dental treatment at all times. For more excellent information, please click here.

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